Founded in 1920, Palladium is a true story of innovation and creativity. The company was born out of the need to provide durable tires to the aviation industry. Their advanced vulcanized rubber technology quickly made Palladium the most highly sought-after aircraft tire in Europe—but after WWII ended they needed to reinvent themselves.

This is when Palladium introduced their unique vulcanized rubber technology to the world of shoes and boots. To this day the soles of Palladium boots will outlast all of the other shoes in your closet—and they provide the comfort and support that most high fashion boots lack. The quality of Palladium boots is further complimented by modern fashions, to create a durable boot that can be worn by fashion savvy men, women, and kids from around the world.

All Palladium boots are made from premium materials from the sole to the top, ensuring you are ready to take on the world—whether your terrain of choice is a city street, country roads, school hallways, or the rugged outdoors.

Palladium’s signature boots are available in many colors, patterns, and styles to compliment your wardrobe. Whether you want your boot to blend in with your outfit or become a standout focal point—there is a Palladium boot that is right for you!